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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

A court proceeding is not the only way to resolve a divorce. Many couples in New Jersey opt for mediation, which encourages collaboration between the two parties to develop a solution to issues such as property division or child custody. According to Top Counseling Schools, mediation will produce a satisfactory agreement in as many as 80 percent of divorce cases.

How to break the news of divorce to children

Parents in New Jersey may be surprised to learn that ending a marriage can lead to insecurity in children. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that children of divorce often feel unsure of their relationships with their parents. The study revealed that the insecurity is even more pronounced among little ones who are 5 or younger.

Prevent financial troubles during a divorce or separation

In addition to the emotions involved in a New Jersey divorce or separation, there are also financial implications to consider. At Levine & Levine, we understand that if you have trouble making ends meet as a couple, those problems could become exacerbated following a split.

Gray divorce is on the rise in New Jersey and across the country

The Washington Post reports that overall, the divorce rate since 1990 in New Jersey and across the entire country has become stable and even decreased across almost every age group. However, for couples older than 65, the rate of divorce has more than doubled. 

Ten months after wedding wife of Avengers star asks for divorce

Although everyone intends for their marriage to last forever, not all couples in the Morris County area stand up to the tests of time. Unfortunately, some couples just can’t work things out, despite their best efforts. While some couples are able to split up amicably, others have a much more difficult time cutting ties and coming to an agreeable settlement.

Determining the cost of divorce

Divorce has a lot of different aspects, not the least of which is the cost factor. On top of wondering how much they will or won’t receive in a divorce, many people in the Morris County area also wonder how much the divorce process will actually cost them. There are many factors that can come into play in regards to the cost of divorce. Therefore how much one’s divorce costs will depend on issues they experience during the process.

How to deal with an angry ex after divorce

Of course, there are many downsides to divorce. It not only can be difficult to go through the process of divorce, but it can also be very hard to deal with life after divorce. One of the toughest parts of life after divorce for people in Morris County can be the continued interaction that some divorced couples still have. These interactions can be especially difficult when one spouse chooses to hold a grudge or is always angry with the other spouse.

Oil tycoon to pay huge divorce settlement

When it comes to divorce settlements in the Morris County area, or anywhere else, the courts will typically try to ensure that both parties are treated fairly. That means that in many cases the spouse who is the primary earner in the family will have to pay a settlement amount and/or spousal support to the other spouse. That amount will largely depend on the primary earner’s income and how much was obtained during the marriage.

What is divorce mediation and how does it work?

When a couple in the Morris County area decides to end their marriage they have a few options to carry out the divorce process. Although some divorces end up in court in front of a judge, there is an alternative that can, in most cases, be much easier and a lot less stressful than a trial. That alternative is divorce mediation. So what is mediation and how does it work?

What property is up for grabs in a divorce?

At Levine & Levine, we deal with divorce and property division every day. We understand that when a couple in the Morris County area decides to split up they not only end their marriage but they also create two completely separate households. That means everything will become separate, including their finances and their property. However, before a divorce is finalized the couple must come to a settlement on their property division.