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How education can impact property division settlements

New Jersey couples who decide to end their marriages have several challenges to face in the process. Every aspect of life can be affected and changed during and after a divorce. Many divorce legal issues impact spouses financially as well as emotionally. These can include child custody and child support, spousal support and property division. Additionally, all of these things can be interconnected with one affecting the other.

What is collaborative divorce?

Any New Jersey resident who has watched someone go through a divorce knows the pain and cost that can be involved. You may even know someone who has chosen to avoid a divorce simply to avoid dealing with all of it. Emotions can run high and divorce legal issues can span a lot of topics. Traditional divorces are handled in a naturally combative way, pitting spouses and their attorneys against each other. Each side tries to win and outdo the other.

What if you want to relocate after your divorce?

After a divorce, many will often choose to move away from Morristown. If you are contemplating such a move, you should consider how this may impact your child custody agreement. If you have custody of your children, you will likely plan on taking them with you. Yet depending upon where you plan to move to, your ex-spouse’s custody or visitation could be affected. Before settling on the idea of relocating, you may want educate yourself on New Jersey’s parental relocation requirements.

How New Jersey’s alimony laws are changing

The effects of a divorce can truly last a lifetime for New Jersey spouses and other family members. Some of these may impact people only occasionally when a particular date on the calendar stirs emotions of a former relative’s birthday or other event. Other things, however, provide ongoing reminders of the challenges of a divorce. Alimony can be one such thing, especially when ordered for extended periods of time.

Understanding mediation in divorce

When the end of a marriage is in sight, there are a wide range of issues and concerns that come rushing to the minds of both spouses. From child custody to property distribution decisions and more, the divorce process can be highly complex. Concerns about the cost and length of time associated with a divorce can also be top of mind. Couples in New Jersey have the ability to utilize mediation as one way of addressing some of these potential issues.

Effectively addressing financial issues through divorce

A huge number of life stresses can contribute to marital issues. For instance, illness, job loss and excessive student loan debts can all result in major financial difficulties, which are known to affect married couples of all ages. If you and your spouse are currently confronted by the prospect of bankruptcy and divorce, you may be worried about how and where to begin dealing with such processes. Fortunately, we here at Levine & Levine understand the intricate relationship of divorce and bankruptcy, and are committed to helping our clients achieve stability and closure on both fronts.

Social media takes on new role in divorce

Social networking plays such a major role in so many people’s lives that it is known to make and break relationships. In fact, an increasing number of people across the state of New Jersey and the entire country are attributing marriage woes to the excessive amount of time that their partners spend on social media sites. Now, the ruling of one judge may result in social media outlets serving a real and practical purpose in divorce proceedings.

New Jersey ranks the lowest in terms of divorce rate

Couples in New Jersey and across the country rarely think about a possible ending when they get married. However, the truth is that not every wedding results in a lifetime of happiness. In many cases, two people simply are not a good fit, and a divorce is the only solution. New data revelas that the Garden State has the lowest divorce rate in the country, and experts think they know why.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

A court proceeding is not the only way to resolve a divorce. Many couples in New Jersey opt for mediation, which encourages collaboration between the two parties to develop a solution to issues such as property division or child custody. According to Top Counseling Schools, mediation will produce a satisfactory agreement in as many as 80 percent of divorce cases.

How to break the news of divorce to children

Parents in New Jersey may be surprised to learn that ending a marriage can lead to insecurity in children. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that children of divorce often feel unsure of their relationships with their parents. The study revealed that the insecurity is even more pronounced among little ones who are 5 or younger.