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Is mediation right for my divorce?

Have you and your spouse discussed the possibility of ending your marriage in New Jersey? Are you concerned about the cost of getting divorced yet believe that getting a divorce is the right thing for you? If so, you may want to look at some alternatives to the standard litigated divorce that most people think about when they think about a divorce.

The debt and divorce connection

If you are facing a divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed with many of the logistical issues you have to address. Especially if you have children, your attention will be required to help them through the process of a parental divorce. Then there are the matters of everyday life like who might have to move, what household items you might need to replace or purchase and what days you will have your kids with you.

Important tips for divorcing spouses

Getting divorced is rarely something a New Jersey resident ever really wanted or intended, at least at the outset of the relationship. However, there are times when making the decision to end a marriage is the right one in the long run. While it is easy to get sidetracked with the nuts and bolts of the divorce, there are some important things for spouses to remember along the way.

What should I do before getting remarried?

Getting married is a major life event and change at any age or under any circumstances but New Jersey residents who get married after having previously been divorced face a unique set of concerns. If you are considering getting married for the second or third time, you should take the opportunity to carefully review your current and future financial plans with your to-be new spouse.

If I live with a new partner, will I lose my alimony?

Are you a divorced spouse in New Jersey who receives spousal support payments from your ex-husband or ex-wife? If so, you will want to fully understand the ramifications of any future actions you take on your spousal support income. Specifically, if you choose to live with a new partner, you may end up seeing the amount of money you receive in alimony be reduced. It could even be eliminated altogether.

Court considers cohabitation period for divorce settlement

New Jersey residents who get married and then divorced commonly think about having to divide assets based upon what is considered marital property. For most couples, this includes assets obtained during the marriage. It may also include assets brought to the marriage that eventually became comingled. However, the wedding date commonly starts the clock, as it were, as to when marital assets are said to be in existence, even if a couple lived together prior to getting legally married. This then directs a divorce settlement to some degree.

Can social media hurt my marriage?

If you are like most American adults today, you have at least one active social media account. Checking a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn feed each day has come to be almost as commonplace as having that morning cup of coffee for a lot of people. Why do we do this?

Short sales and divorce

New Jersey couples who are getting divorced and deciding what to do with their marital homes have a few different options available to them. In many cases, one spouse wants to remain living in the home, often to provide ongoing stability for children. In this case, that spouse may need to buy the other spouse out or cede other assets that essentially do that. If that is not possible for whatever reason, the couple may choose to sell the home. When a home's current value is less than what is owed on the home, a short sale may be required.

Divorced Social Security benefits

There are many things about getting or being divorced that are not always commonly known or understood by New Jersey spouses. Lack of thorough knowledge in these areas may even have negative consequences. One such consequence could be the loss of financial benefits.

How does a divorce affect your friends?

Have you and your spouse considered ending your marriage in New Jersey? Maybe you have had thoughts of divorce but have yet to talk to your spouse about them. Or, perhaps you are in the midst of a divorce. No matter where you are on the spectrum of the potential end of your married life, you are likely to have a myriad of questions about how this type of change will impact your life.