New Jersey man arrested for being $34,000 behind in child support

Many New Jersey parents know just how important child support payments are. Often, custodial parents depend heavily on monthly child support payments to provide common necessities for their children. Despite the importance of these payments, and despite court orders to do so, some parents unfortunately do not live up to their obligations.

Recently, a Pennsville man was arrested for being more than $34,000 behind in child support payments. The 33-year-old was held at Salem County Correctional Facility. Another local man was also arrested for owing more than $800 in child support.

Unfortunately, these two parents have decided not to pay child support. While people's circumstances may vary, if parents are unable for some reason to make their court-ordered child support payments, there are ways to seek modifications through a legal process. Simply skipping out on payments can lead to jail time and ultimately harms the children more than anyone else.

When custodial parents stop receiving child support from their child's other parent, it's important that they know there are ways to seek payments. Speaking to an experienced child support attorney may be helpful.

In the end, it's very important that children receive the child support they are owed. Child support can go toward education, clothing, food and other everyday necessities. Hopefully parents who have been ordered to pay child support will keep this in mind before skipping a payment. Children deserve the support they need to have a fulfilling childhood.

Source:, "Pennsville man owing more than $34,000 in overdue child support arrested," Oct. 22, 2012