Divorce app may help New Jersey couples

When people in New Jersey get divorced, it can be difficult for both parties to adjust to a new lifestyle, especially if the divorcing couple has children. They usually work with an attorney to determine the best arrangement for child custody, child support payments, and a visitation schedule. It is in the best interests of the children involved to ensure that the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible.

Mobile technology has touched everyone's lives, even while people are going through a divorce. Because some people might be hesitant to discuss their divorces with their friends, colleagues, and family members, a group of attorneys has developed the New Jersey Divorce App. Although it is unknown how many people have used the app, it may become popular among people who are working out the details of a divorce.

The app helps people who keep track of their child support payments, divorce expenses, and custody and visitation schedules. The app also offers guidance for both men and women, but the details of this advice are unclear. The app may encourage more people to make their child support payments, which would benefit some New Jersey children. With the new app, parents may be less likely to become confused about their visitation schedules, and children may feel more stable and secure as a result.

The cost of the New Jersey Divorce App is unknown. Hopefully, separating couples will continue to seek advice from trusted friends and family members. People who are considering a divorce may want to talk with an attorney.

Source: CBS Local, “Getting Divorced? In N.J., Now There’s An App For That, Too,” Suzanne Monaghan, July 5, 2013