New Jersey man arrested for owing back child support

In the event of a divorce where involving minor children, the non-custodial parent is often ordered by the court to pay the custodial parent a sum of money to help with the financial support of the children. Child support amounts are often based on several factors, such as the income of both parents. When non-custodial parents fail to make regular child support payments, they can end up facing legal consequences such as wage garnishment, license suspension and even time in jail.

Readers in New Jersey may have read recent news reports about a 28-year-old resident who was arrested on Jan. 15 for allegedly shoplifting $15.13 worth of food from a supermarket on Route 22 West. According to police, he was wanted on outstanding warrants. One was a traffic warrant for fines totaling $260, another was a warrant for failing to pay $2,985.29 in court-ordered child support in a neighboring county.

The police said that he was released from custody on his own recognizance in regard to the shoplifting charge. He was then released to the proper authorities for the child support warrant.

Many people do not fully understand what could happen if they fall too far behind in their child support payments. When non-custodial parents fail to meet the terms of a child support order, they can end up facing harsh consequences. It is important for both parents to understand their legal rights and obligations when it comes to financially supporting their children.

Source:, "Middlesex man charged with shoplifting owed $3g child support in Somerset County, police say," Walter O'Brien, Feb. 26, 2013