Lakers star Steve Nash blocks ex-wife's move to L.A.

Many custodial parents in New Jersey need all the financial support they can get to meet their children’s basic needs. However, in some cases, financial support can be excessive, and some people may believe that too much money can be harmful to children. Nevertheless, some people continue to seek child support even after all of the children’s needs are met.

L.A. Lakers star Steve Nash reportedly provides an unknown amount of financial support to his children, but his ex-wife is seeking child support. The basketball star is allegedly concerned that too much material wealth might be damaging to their three children, who live with their mother in Phoenix. The details of the couple’s child support agreement are unknown.

Nash’s ex-wife has plans to move with the children from Phoenix to L.A. Although she alleges that the move will allow her children to spend more time with their father, her ex-husband questions her motives and forbids her from moving out of state. In fact, a restraining order prevents the ex-wife from moving to L.A. Because an Arizona judge refused to force Nash to pay child support, she may have been planning the move so that she would have another opportunity to win child support. However, it is not certain that a California judge would grant her request.

Children who are at the center of child support and custody disputes often suffer. It is usually best to resolve these issues quickly and for both parents to consider the best interests of the child. An attorney can help divorcing couples reach agreements that are fair to both parties.

Source: Huffington Post, “Steve Nash’s Ex-Wife Says Athlete Banned Her From L.A. To Avoid Paying Child Support: Report,” May 24, 2013