Black Keys singer finalizes messy divorce battle

Couples in Morris County, and throughout the U.S., who are married, will typically acquire assets and properties through the course of their marriage. In the event a marriage comes to an end, among other details that have to be settled, those resources must be divided. Emotions and hurt can complicate the process and make it more difficult to reach a resolution.

According to reports, the Black Keys’ front man, Dan Auerbach, recently finalized his contentious divorce. His now ex-wife reportedly made allegations that he had abused her and he claimed she had tried to burn down their home, dragging out the process. It was not reported how long the two had been married, but they share a daughter. Auerbach has been granted temporary child custody, but it was not detailed whether or not that dispute would continue.

Auerbach must reportedly pay his former wife $5 million dollars as a part of their settlement. She will also get to keep an SUV and a piece of rock and roll memorabilia, a lock of Bob Dylan’s hair. No additional details were released regarding the division of any other assets, resources or properties.

Whether a high asset divorce or a typical, everyday couple’s divorce, there are a lot of emotions that can make the end of a marriage difficult to cope with and to legally finalize. That is where an attorney can help. A lawyer can look out for your interests and help to ensure you get what you are entitled to without the emotions that you may be dealing with, as well as address any concerns that may arise throughout the process.

Source: New York Daily News, “Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach loses ‘Bob Dylan Hair’ in $5 million divorce settlement”, Margaret Eby, Aug. 22, 2013