R. Kelly in hot water over unpaid child support

Many divorced or separated parents in Morris County, New Jersey rely heavily on child support payments to make ends meet. After all, the cost of raising a child in this day and age is not cheap. When child support is not paid, it can put the custodial parent in a real bind and make it difficult to provide for the children in his or her care.

Andrea Kelly, former wife of singer R. Kelly and mother of his three children, recently filed court documents in which she claims that her ex-husband has not paid the required child support of $20,833 a month. She also said he was in arrears.

This is not the first time Kelly has been in trouble for not paying child support. Last year he apparently failed to make $100,000 in payments, a sum that he eventually paid.

Kelly is due in court on March 27, but his lawyer worries that, like Kelly did last November, he might not show up. If he fails to appear again, he could face jail time, but his lawyer has been unable to reach him. Sources say that Kelly is in hiding.

Failure to meet child support obligations is nothing to mess around with, particularly if your livelihood depends on it. If you are having difficulty collecting court ordered child support payments from the father or mother of your children, you may wish to speak with an attorney experienced in family law. Doing so may enable you to hold him or her legally accountable and get the support payments to which you are entitled.

Source: News One, "R. Kelly Facing Jail Time For Back Child Support? " Ruth Manuel-Logan, Feb. 20, 2014