Over a dozen arrested for child support violations in New Jersey

From everyday expenses to unexpected medical expenses, there are many reasons why people who owe child support struggle to make their monthly payments. However, in Morristown and throughout the state of New Jersey, failure to pay child support can have serious penalties, such as jail time. As a result, it is very important for parents who are having difficulty making their child support payments to closely review their situation and do everything they can to take the appropriate course of action.

New Jersey authorities have recently taken a number of people into custody for child support violations. The details of these arrests, which were published on the Cumberland County Sheriff's Blotter, list the names and age of those who were apprehended as well as the amount of child support they owed.

In one case, a 44-year-old man from Vineland allegedly owed over $40,000 in child support and was sent to the county jail. Another case involved a 20-year-old man, also from Vineland, who was put behind bars after reportedly failing to pay a total of $1,624 in child support.

When parents split up, they may have to face a number of issues, such as property division and going to court. However, matters involving their children are sometimes especially difficult and it is imperative for parents to make the well-being of their kids a top priority. From modifying a child support order to avoiding stressful complications, there are many reasons why people who are dealing with child support issues decide to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional.

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