Child support lawsuit filed against NBA star Dwight Howard

Most may think that divorce cases involving child support in Morristown are fairly cut-and-dry, with the custodial parent only receiving enough from the paying parent to support their children’s needs. Yet in some cases, all children’s needs may not be equal. If there are special circumstances that warrant the payment of more child support, the custodial parent may choose to seek it. In some cases, however, parents may try to apply the term “special circumstances” quite liberally.

Some may view that to be the case between NBA star Dwight Howard and the mother of one of his children. The woman has recently filed a lawsuit against Howard asking for more money in child support. Her reasoning behind the request was that extra money was needed in order to help the child participate in social activities and to stay enrolled in private school. Beyond that, she says that the extra money will also help to afford the therapy the child will inevitably need in order to deal with having a famous father.

According to her complaint, the woman and Howard had originally worked out a private agreement for payments back in 2013. Howard, however, was unable to meet the terms they agreed upon consistently. It remains to be seen now just how much more than his promised amount of $10,000 per month her current action will net.

In these types of cases, while the requests of the petitioner for the modification are taken into account, it is often left to the court to determine exactly who much child support is needed. Those feeling as though they need to request more in child support(or those who need protection from frivolous requests) may want to seek the guidance of an attorney.

Source: The New Pittsburgh Courier “Dwight Howard’s 8th baby mama suing for more child support”, Terry Shropshire, June 12, 2015