Try an app to help ease co-parenting burden

Are you a divorced parent in New Jersey? Maybe you have to co-parent with a former partner whom you were never married to. Either way, you know the unique challenges that can arise when children have to go back and forth between two houses and costs, calendars and more must be tracked between those houses. The last thing you need is to face arguments with your children's other parent on a regular basis over these details. What can you do to prevent that?

Forbes recommends that you look at letting technology help you out. Several apps or websites have been developed with your needs in mind. It is known that reducing conflict between parents is good for parents and kids alike. These apps work to accomplish that by eliminating the he-said-she-said difficulties that can arise when things are not well documented. What can these apps track?

Most any cost or payment made by you or your ex related to your kids can be tracked in an app. Both parents can have access to this. Messages can even be sent via the app, eliminating or reducing the need for potentially heated in-person or phone conversations about money. Scheduled hand-offs and all of your kids' activities from school performances to doctors' appointments can be put into an app so that both parents know what is happening when.

If you would like to learn about other ways to better manage costs, calendars and more with a former spouse, please feel free to visit the shared parenting page of our New Jersey family law website.