Couple argues over end of alimony payments

For divorced spouses in New Jersey who must pay alimony, the burden can feel great at times. For those spouses who receive alimony, the financial assistance can be highly beneficial in building a new life as a once-again single person. The length of time that spousal support can be required for varies from situation to situation and can include lifetime alimony.

In 2014, the state reformed its alimony laws. Among the changes made was the ability to have spousal support stopped if the receiving spouse cohabitates with a new partner. This law is now being leveraged by one former husband in his effort to end the payments he has been making since 2007 when he and his former wife divorced after 22 years of marriage. The state offers eight factors to be considered when determining whether or not a couple is in fact cohabitating. This can even be done if the couple does not live together on a full-time basis.

This particular case is hinging in part on the fact that the ex-wife and her boyfriend joined a club together. In addition, the husband’s attorney asserts that photos and communications show that the woman and her boyfriend are socially recognized as an established couple. For the wife’s part, she must also prove that she is still financially dependent on the alimony to survive.

This case is being heard in the Superior Court of Morristown and can serve to be an example for other couples. Other New Jersey residents who find themselves in similar situations may benefit from talking to an attorney about how to proceed.

Source:, “When can ex-husband cut off alimony to former wife who has boyfriend?,” Ben Horowitz, January 27, 2016