Man fired from job because of divorce

People in New Jersey who are preparing for or may already be in the midst of a divorce know better than anyone how a divorce can affect every part of a person's life. In addition to financial, emotional and even physical ramifications, separated or divorcing spousesmay also need to address the impact on their professional lives.

A man in New Jersey may have well underestimated this impact. It is also possible that his former employer underestimated the impact of the company's actions as well. Slightly more than 10 years ago, the man was fired from his job. According to his assertion, the work-related reasons given for his termination were false. Instead, he alleges that he was let go of his responsibilities due to the fact that he was separating from his then-wife who also worked at the same company.

A lawsuit emerged and the case eventually went before the New Jersey Supreme Court. A ruling from the state's highest court came recently in support of the ex-husband. The decision was based upon New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination that essentially indicates making hiring or firing decisions based upon any characterizations related to marital status is illegal.

When faced with the end of a marriage, talking to an attorney early on may be helpful. Doing so can help people feel confident that matters are handled appropriately, allowing them to manage the other areas of their lives, such as careers.

Source:,"N.J. Supreme Court: You can't be fired because you're getting divorced," Brent Johnson, June 21, 2016