Options to receive awarded child support

When a New Jersey parent is supposed to be paid child support from a former spouse or partner but does not receive the money, it can be hard to know what to do. As explained by the New Jersey Courts, both state and federal statutes give the New Jersey Child Support Enforcement Section the power to assist parents in securing these monies.

There are many different actions that the state can take in order to collect past due child support. Involvement of the state is also authorized in order to ensure that health insurance coverage for children is provided as ordered by the court. According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, among the actions the state can take is to issue a warrant for the arrest of a parent who has not fulfilled a child support payment order. If arrested, the parent may be ordered to spend time in jail.

Other court enforcement actions include the requirement to pay any past child support amounts in full or in installments. A court may also order a parent to participate in a job placement program. For parents who have jobs already, the court can garnish their wages. This includes any income received from unemployment benefits as well as current wages or commissions.

Non-paying parents may have their drivers’ licenses suspended or requests for passports denied. Credit reports can reflect negative marks for the delinquent status of child support payments. Assets may be seized or judgements attached to properties that require full payment if the properties are eventually sold.