New Jersey lottery winner owes $29,000 for child support

After a couple divorces, the court works to find the best possible arrangements for the children involved. Usually, the agreement requires one parent to provide financial support for his or her children. When a parent in New Jersey fails to pay child support, it is most likely because the parent's income is not sufficient to cover the child support payments along with their living expenses. However, when the parent has the financial means to support the children, he or she is obligated to fulfill the orders that have been put into place.

In New Jersey, outstanding child support payments are deducted from lottery winners' payouts. This is because the state will run a report on people who win $600 or more. A recent winner of the state's Powerball lottery will be $29,000 shorter on his payout amount due to this rule. The father of five apparently has not paid child support for some time because in 2009, the sheriff's office put out an arrest warrant on him.

With an oldest child at the age of 23 and the youngest child being only five years old, it is unknown whether he owed the money on all of them or only the younger ones. Once the child support amount is paid, he will be able to use the money how he wishes. Hopefully, he will make it a goal to make child support payments if he is still under an order to do so.

Without his recent lottery winnings, the father may have faced legal consequences for his failure to provide financial support for his children. When parents fail to provide child support, it also puts the children at a disadvantage. Working with an attorney can help parents resolve any child support problems quickly.

Source: CNN, "Powerball winner wanted for child support," Lorenzo Ferrigno, March 29, 2013