Former NFL quarterback divorces reality TV star

Despite their best intentions, sometimes New Jersey married couples face obstacles in their relationships that simply cannot be overcome. When difficulties in a relationship become impossible to resolve, the couple must work together to file a divorce and divide their assets. Unfortunately, divorce negotiations aren't always friendly, and sometimes one spouse files for divorce without consulting the other spouse.

Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart allegedly failed to tell his estranged wife he had planned to file for divorce at the county courthouse. Instead, reality TV star Porsha Williams found about her divorce after her husband had made it official. Stewart may have been trying to prove that Williams was to blame for the end of their marriage. She, along with millions of reality TV viewers, likely anticipated the breakup. The couple had appeared together on several reality TV show episodes.

Despite its shaky start, the divorce seems relatively amicable. Because the couple has no children, they're avoiding child custody disputes that can sometimes become contentious. Although the quarterback said that they won't need to divide any of their wealth, it is unknown whether the actress has the same opinion. She may seek alimony in the divorce. It is unknown whether the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement.

The end of a marriage is difficult for most couples, and it can be even more burdensome to go through a divorce in the glare of the public eye. High-asset divorce cases such as these sometimes prove contentious. Fortunately, this case may be settled with little hostility. Working with an attorney can ensure that both parties of a divorce find a favorable agreement.

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