Clint Eastwood's estranged wife files for legal separation

When a marriage in Morris County, or elsewhere, breaks down, a couple may choose to take some time apart in order to evaluate their feelings and situation. While it may be headed in the direction of divorce, there are some times when a couple may not be quite ready to end the marriage completely. In these types of situations, a separation agreement allows a couple to suspend, not end their marriage as they decide how to move forward, but still provides them some legal protections as they decide whether there could be a possible reconciliation or if it is time to move on apart.

According to reports, after having lived apart for several months, former TV broadcaster, Dina Eastwood, has filed for legal separation from her husband, actor-filmmaker, Clint Eastwood. There were no specifics reported regarding what caused the breakdown in the marriage, but both are reportedly already seeing other people. It was not released when or if they will pursue a formal divorce.

As a part of their separation agreement, Eastwood’s estranged wife has purportedly requested he pay her monthly child support for the teenage daughter they share. In her petition for legal separation, Mrs. Eastwood indicated she wants to continue to share legal custody, but is asking for full physical custody.

While not all states recognize marital separations, most have legal options for couples that are not ready to divorce, but need time apart, in order to protect the rights of each spouse. This is where an attorney can be of assistance. A lawyer can explain the options available to you and help you determine the best course of action for you and your situation.

Source: People Magazine, “Dina Eastwood Files for Legal Separation from Clint Eastwood”, Andrea Billups, Sep. 11, 2013