Woman gets major win in child support case against Blue Cross

In Florham Park, as well as throughout the U.S., in the event they are no longer raising their child as a couple, parents may be ordered to make monthly child support payments to help with the everyday expenses and other costs of raising their child or children. If a person becomes delinquent, the parent who is owed the support payments could choose to take legal action to have wages garnished or the order otherwise enforced.

According to reports, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois may soon be required to pay one woman penalties, which could reach up to $5 million, after refusing to garnish her former husband’s wages. The woman’s ex-husband is a physician and receives much of his income through reimbursements from his patient’s insurance carriers, primarily Blue Cross. After, she claims, he fell behind on his court ordered child support payments, she sent a notice to garnish to BCBS. Since her husband is not an employee of Blue Cross, the carrier claimed it was not a “payor” as defined under the state law and would not get involved in the personal matter.

The woman reportedly filed a lawsuit against BCBS to have a judge order them to comply, but the initial judge ruled against her. Since then, however, an appellate court has purportedly overturned the initial ruling and ordered that Blue Cross withhold a portion of the man’s reimbursements to pay his child support.

Whether you are the custodial parent and are owed child support payments, or you have been ordered to make such payments and for some reason have fallen behind, it may be of benefit to consult with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can offer advice based on your specific situation and answer any questions you may have.