Halle Berry asks court to greatly reduce child support payment

In most relationships involving child support payments the norm is that the father is ordered to pay money to his ex-wife in order to help support their children. However, not all cases in the Morris County area follow the norm and there are other kinds of family dynamics that involve child support issues, including situations where fathers ask for child support.

According to reports, actress Halle Berry is trying to get her monthly child support payment reduced. The star of several successful films has reportedly asked a judge to reduce the amount she pays from $16,000 a month to just $3,000 a month. Ms. Berry has been paying the $16,000 amount since June of this year to her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, with whom she had a child seven years ago.

According to court documents filed by the film star, she claims that her ex is using the money to live and that he is no longer working or even looking for work. The payments were reportedly intended to pay for their daughter’s schooling until she graduates or turns 19. The couple shares joint custody.

Almost no child support case is easy and most parents don’t typically enjoy paying support to their ex, even if that money is for their children. However, when a judge orders a parent to pay then they are obligated to do so. There are many situations, like this, in which one parent requests a change in the amount. It will ultimately be up to a judge to decide the result. If you are in a similar situation, then you might want to speak with a family law attorney as soon as you can.

Source: New York Daily News, “Halle Berry looking to reduce child support to Gabriel Aubry from $16K to $3K,” Philip Caulfield, Oct. 16, 2014.