What is a legal separation and how does it work?

Although everyone enters their marriage with high hopes and big dreams, the fact is not all marriages end up being successful. In fact, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce is not an easy decision to come to, but for many people in Morris County it seems to be the best option. However, if you have a troubled relationship with your spouse but you are not sure whether or not divorce is the right answer for you, then perhaps a legal separation is an option.

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce, which can be a better option for some couples. Essentially it allows a couple that cannot get along, and that no longer wants to live together, the ability to split up without ending their marriage. However, just by one person moving out and living separate does not mean a couple has legally separated.

According to DivorceSupport.com, a couple can only be legally separated when they file a petition with the court to recognize their separation. Both parties must sign a document, which contains all the important aspects of their separation, including spousal support, living arrangements and child custody, if applicable.

If you should choose to enter a legal separation with your spouse then you should also keep some essential things in mind. For example, if you move out you should be sure your name is stricken from any rental agreement. You should also freeze any joint credit or bank accounts if you are unable to get your name removed from them.

While this information may be very helpful in your situation, it should not be regarded as legal advice.