Does child support extend to a wedding?

Nobody ever said that getting divorced was easy. Like other New Jersey residents, you may be somewhat relieved to know that you can move forward in some parts of your life but you may be understandably overwhelmed at the process of getting there. The ramifications of getting divorced can extend into virtually every part of your life, especially when you have children with your to-be former spouse.

One topic that you may not initially think about in the midst of property division or child support discussions is any potential future wedding of your child. As you hash out who your child will live with or be with on what days during the school year or on holidays, you may also discuss how to pay for college. But, what about when it is time for that child to get married? Family Education explains that even in families where parents are still married to each other, the answer is not always simple anymore.

Gone really are the days in which the bride's parents were expected to--and did--pick up most of the tabs. Groom's parents would pay for things like the rehearsal dinners or some flowers. Today's weddings, however, may be funded by parents on either side or even the bride and groom themselves. If you wish to set aside money for this purpose, you can do that but that should be done at your discretion.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but to give an overview of some of the things people should think about when getting divorced in New Jersey while their children are still young or not yet married.