Common problems with remarriages

New Jersey residents who have weathered divorces know the pain and disappointment associated with letting go of the hopes and dreams of a life together with someone they once loved. That, however, does not mean that they have completely given up on the possibility of having this type of bond or future with someone else. However, the fact remains that with every subsequent marriage the rate or chance of getting divorced increases? Does this mean every remarriage is doomed to fail? What things should people watch for if they want to feel more secure in their chances of success?

Psychology Today indicates that one factor that may contribute to the demise of some second or subsequent marriages is the lack of common children. If both spouses come to a new marriage with children from their previous marriages, they do not have the same bond that people who create, have and raise children from birth together would naturally have. Clearly that bond does not always pull people through the tough times but it can be an important type of glue in many marriages and is missing from many remarriages.

According to the Huffington Post, the stepchildren that may be brought into a new marriage may in and of themselves be a stressor that can contribute to marital challenges. Additionally, when adults have not sufficiently learned about what role they played in their prior marriages, they are more apt to repeat the same mistakes in a new marriage. This may include simply looking for someone to take care of things or to have there in order to avoid being alone.

Certainly remarriages can work but there is a high degree of risk involved and people should take the time to prepare for the challenge carefully.