Divorce & Social Media

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to avoid social media as it is such an intrinsic part of our daily life. Updating various accounts with our thoughts, pictures, and opinions has become second-nature for many of us. However, did you know that social media use can play an adverse role in your divorce process? Now more than ever, social media is being used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

The most common forms of evidential social media include any status updates or photos that boast of an exaggeration regarding your financial status, emotional wellbeing, and more. For example, if you are resisting paying child support or alimony because you do not have the resources to do so, any posts or photos showing a lavish vacation, nice gifts, or an expensive dinner can be used to prove you do have the money necessary to make these payments.

Also, if your divorce is a contentious one, any personal or romantic relationships you display on the Internet may also be used against you. Your ex-spouse may claim any relationship you are currently in even began prior to the ending of your marriage--therefore, it is best to keep any part of your personal life as private as possible.

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