Benefits of Mediation

Many people find themselves in the unfortunately position of wanting to end their marriage, and often feel as though traditional divorce proceedings are the only answer. However, this isn’t the case at all--if you are in an amicable position with your spouse, mediation may serve as the perfect alternative to avoiding an expensive, lengthy, and combative process.

Divorce mediation involves you, your ex-spouse, and your respective lawyers coming to an agreement regarding all important aspects of your divorce, including child support, custody & visitation, alimony, etc. A neutral third-party mediator will ensure the process moves along in a timely manner, and will also prevent one party from overpowering, manipulating, or overbearing the other.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

What is the benefit of mediation? The following are some of the advantages of mediation:

>> Mediation is cost-effective, as you do not have to pay a number of unnecessary court fees.

>> Mediation leads to a far faster resolve. When you are forced to wait for the court, which is usually backed up, you may wait upwards of a year. If your case is appealed, you may have to wait multiple years.

>> Unless you and your ex-spouse are incredibly contentious with each other, you likely want to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Without the pressure or burden of following whatever decision is made by a judge, you can come to an agreement that will work for all involved.

>> Without a third-party decision-maker, you will have a far greater degree of control. This predictability factor will ease you of a lot of stress.

>> You and your ex-spouse will maintain an amicable relationship, as you have avoided an argumentative court process. This is particularly essential if you share children.

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