Child Custody Modifications for the Summer

Every child looks forward to the summer as a reprieve from responsibility, school, homework, and other obligations they can ignore for a couple of months. While this is an exciting and enjoyable time for most children, the summer can have an entirely different meaning for parents who share custody with their exes. The changes in scheduling and inevitable travel plans often complicate child custody matters beyond the rest of the year, when everything is more structured and settled.

The key to mitigating any potential contention or confusion with your ex is proper planning to ensure your child does not end up in the middle of his or her beloved parents. While the ideal parenting plan accounts for the summertime as well, it can be difficult to set these stipulations into stone before plans are even decided upon. Therefore, as soon as you and your ex are aware of any changing circumstances, this information should be shared and accommodated to.

When creating a child custody modification for the summer, it is crucial to consider the following central elements to ensure a stress-free transition from the spring:

  • Vacation plans
  • Scheduled activities, including sports, camp, clubs, etc.
  • Both parents’ work schedules or obligations

Remember, the best thing you can do for your child is to maintain a civil relationship with their other parent by fostering good communication and trust when it comes to custody matters. It is also important to be sensitive to your child’s emotions during this challenging time, as he or she may express preferences or thoughts you are not prepared for.

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