Marc Anthony's ex demands $99,000 increase in child support

Readers in Morris County are likely aware that judges in family law courts throughout the U.S. regularly issue orders for parents to pay child support. While these judges use factors including income and expenses to determine the amount of these payments, there are some situations where a parent may feel that they are owed more and could choose to take legal action to try and get it.

Although she is already being paid $13,000 per month in child support by her ex-husband, singer, Marc Anthony, former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres reportedly claims that it is not enough. According to reports, Torres recently filed legal documents requesting that the court increase Anthony’s child support payments to $112,000 a month. Torres’s decision is purportedly based on Anthony’s exorbitant earnings. There were no specifics detailed regarding his income or net worth, but between his singing engagements and business dealings, his earnings are reportedly in the millions.

For his part, it was reported that Anthony intends to fight her demands for more money. According to reports, in addition to his monthly payments, Anthony also covers other costs for his two children with Torres, including medical expenses, school fees and more.

If you, like Torres, feel that your situation warrants a child support modification, or if you are contesting a request for additional support, it may be of benefit to consult with an experienced lawyer. An attorney can explain your options and help you to decide how best to move forward given your circumstances, as well as address any other concerns that you may have.

Source: Page Six, “Marc Anthony’s ex demands huge increase in child support,” Nov. 23, 2013