Finding ways to make divorce less complicated

Couples that have weathered divorces in New Jersey are often heard reporting on the difficulties associated with the process and associated divorce legal issues. Property division, child custody, child support, alimony and more can rouse deep emotions as the end of a marriage occurs. These all make divorce an experience typically known to be one of the most challenging people can face.

A new article that was recently featured in the national media identifies ten different ways that spouses can ease the pain of a typical divorce. One such method is the utilization of alternative resolution processes. This may include divorce mediation or even what is known as a collaborative divorce. It does not necessarily need to be expected that every divorce end up in front of a judge. A greater focus on more collaborative problem solving can bring more positive experiences to the process.

Another very practical suggestion is to learn more about financial matters. There are many ways that a divorce can impact each spouse in both the short and long term and understanding how to navigate these without great financial loss can make a dramatic difference in the ultimate impact that a divorce will have. Finally, some basic tips for being nice, essentially, are also included from forgiving a spouse to speaking positively. All of these things together can create a less angst-filled experience.

Anyone who is either contemplating or even in the midst of a divorce may wish to discuss these and other ideas with a lawyer. Making sure to have proper legal counsel with experience is also a recommendation of the article as a means to simplifying the divorce process.

Source: ABC 27 WTXL, “10 Proactive Steps To A Painless Divorce,” Wendy Newman Glantz, December 16, 2013