New Jersey judge no longer allowed to hear divorce cases

Divorce proceedings in New Jersey are often complex simply because of the difficulty of dividing one household into two. Add additional circumstances, like a child custody dispute or a high-asset divorce, and the end of a marriage can become even more complicated. In some instances, the complexity increases even more due to outside circumstances that the parties involved have no control over. When that happens, divorcing couples need to gather as much information as possible to ensure their rights are protected.

One New Jersey divorce judge allegedly cheated multiple women in their divorce cases. The women launched a months-long campaign against him, claiming he systematically used his position to place them at a disadvantage in their divorce cases, according to a court source. Starting Jan. 2, the judge will no longer be hearing divorce cases.

One of the mothers lost custody of her 2-year-old in the judge's courtroom. An appellate court reversed the ruling and returned the boy to the mother. In another case six months before his transfer, the judge awarded custody of three children to a father who was a reputed mobster. The father had even once admitted that he had probably killed another man in a bar fight.

Stories like these show why New Jersey couples who are considering divorce need to be fully aware of their rights, especially when the case involves child custody. When outside circumstances, like the actions of an unethical judge, complicate divorce legal issues, being informed with the help of an experienced attorney will help the parties involved protect what is most important to them.