Team ownership question leaves Sterling divorce up in the air

Divorce is usually complicated. However, when you add in a business to the equation, the divorce process can really get challenging. Dividing a business can be very difficult during a divorce, especially when the ownership of that business is already in question. Anyone in the Morris County area who is considering divorce might need some help getting through the process, especially if a business is involved.

Shelly Sterling, the estranged wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is reportedly waiting to file her divorce papers, despite reports that she has already signed them. The NBA has begun the process to force Mr. Sterling to sell the Clippers due to alleged racist remarks he recently made. However, Ms. Sterling, who owns 50 percent of the team, wants to retain her share, which is why she is waiting to file her paperwork.

According to reports, Ms. Sterling has been advised not to file, while she attempts to retain her stake in the team. Meantime, even if the NBA is able to force a quick sale, a divorce could put everything on hold and keep the situation up in the air indefinitely. As for Mr. Sterling, he is already referring to Ms. Sterling as his ex wife.

Although this divorce case is very unique, any divorce settlement can be difficult to come by. If you are considering divorce, or have already decided to end your marriage, then you might want to contact an experienced divorce attorney to help guide you through the process. These matters are not easy, which is why having a competent lawyer in your corner can be a big help.

Source: USA Today, “Shelly Sterling is holding back signed divorce papers,” Brent Schrotenboer, May 14, 2014.