Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams reach divorce settlement

As a couple prepares to wed in Morris County, New Jersey they likely aren’t thinking about the chance of their marriage ending in divorce. Yet this is becoming more and more of a possibility with the rates of divorce going up across the nation. In order to be protect themselves, many couples decide to enter into a prenuptial agreement, particularly if they have a large number of assets. In the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement sets forth regulations on a variety of issues including how property is divided and the nature of spousal support. A prenup cannot include issues related to child custody or child support, however.

A couple that entered into a prenuptial agreement before their marriage nearly three years ago has recently reached a settlement in their divorce. Porsha Williams, the 31-year-old star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” claims she found out on Twitter that her husband, 41-year-old NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart filed for divorce last March.

Because the two had a prenuptial agreement, Williams will not be entitled to health insurance or money from Stewart’s NFL retirement. She will also not get spousal support, a house or cash out. She will keep her personal belongings and engagement ring.

If you signed a prenuptial agreement and are now faced with divorce, you may wish to speak with a lawyer experienced in family law. Although the prenup may make it seem that things are cut and dried, an attorney can review it with you and determine how best to proceed with your case.

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