Millions of dollars riding on divorce of marriage that never was

When a couple in the Morris County area decides to call it quits and end their marriage, there are usually many things at stake. Not the least of which is dividing their assets. Dividing assets can be done peacefully between the couple, but many times spouses can’t agree upon who gets what, especially when it comes to determining marital and separate property.

A wealthy couple in New Jersey trying to end their marriage is battling it out in court over their property division. At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars. The thing causing the biggest issue, however, is a small technicality, which could end up determining who walks away with what. Reportedly, the couple was never actually married, even though they have three children together and spent 20 years together.

However, because they weren’t issued a marriage license until after they tied the knot, they were not ever legally married. Therefore, the husband is arguing that because they were never married they can’t even legally get a divorce. The stakes are high because the man’s father and his family reportedly have a worth of about $900 million. The couple is due in court in October.

This is a very unique case, which will be interesting to see how it turns out. Although this situation may be unusual, every divorce settlement has the potential to be contentious and complicated. If you are considering filing for divorce, then you might want to seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney that can help you wade through all the aspects of divorce, including property division.

Source: Philadelphia News, “Rich N.J. man wants divorce dismissed over marriage-license delay,” Peter Mucha, Sep. 19, 2014.