Celebrating divorce online

When getting married, getting divorced is the last thing that a person in New Jersey is thinking about. However, divorce is a reality of our society, the possibility of which is something that people cannot ignore. When a couple chooses to end their marriage, they must grapple with their lost hopes and dreams in addition to tending to more practical matters like property division, child custody and so forth.

The process of getting divorced can not only be emotionally challenging but financially as well. That is, at least, for couples who settle their divorces in court and with a high level of combativeness about various divorce legal issues. Today, however, some couples are finding ways to make divorce less acrimonious despite the inherent disappointment of the event. To that end, many find this a reason to celebrate—in what others may find an unusual way.

Upon logging into one’s Twitter or Instagram account, a new hashtag can be found to be emerging. A search for #divorceselfie will return countless photos and captions of happily un-married couples. One New Jersey couple even included their freshly received divorce decree in their divorce selfie photo. A professor with the School of Communication and Media at a university warns people of judging these photos as negative. Instead, she recommends looking at it as a positive statement that so many people can find something to be happy about in the midst of what is an otherwise sad time.

When getting divorced in New Jersey, even if both spouses are cooperative, it can be helpful to work with an attorney. Doing so can ensure all legalities are appropriately addressed.

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