Helping kids back to school

With the start of another new school year just around the corner, New Jersey parents and kids alike may be feeling some mix of nervous and excited about the return of more scheduled days. There are pros and cons to the school-year schedule and to the lazy days of summer and the more families embrace each situation, the more likely they are to be successful through it all. When parents are not married to each other and kids have to split their time between two homes, the transition can be a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are ways to make the whole process smoother for everyone.

WebMD highlights how sometimes the most simple things can make the biggest differences. Identifying set places where backpacks and lunch bags should be placed can keep homes neater and make the dash out the door in the morning free of the last minute worries when items cannot be found. This can be done at both mom's and dad's houses. Similarly, parents can help their kids establish homework routines including where and when homework is done each day.

School supply shopping can take a chunk out of a family's budget and unmarried or divorced parents should agree on how these costs will be covered. The Huffington Postexplains that some families prefer to utilize child support payments for such expenses while other parents split the cost even in addition to child support payments. There is no right or wrong approach but it is important that both parents discuss it ahead of time and make a plan they can live with.

Technology offers many options for parents to have shared calendars so that events and appointments are not missed, helping both moms and dads to stay connected to what's happening with their kids.