School district refuses to accommodate divorced family bus needs

Like their counterparts across the nation, parents in New Jersey are actively getting their kids ready to go back to school after the long summer break. Whether or not the kids are particularly happy about the return to structure, schedules and homework may be debatable but what is not is how difficult this transition can be, especially for divorced parents.

The need to get on track with more activities, school events and more and to work collaboratively together between two homes is never easy. Sadly, divorced parents may find that their own challenges in co-parenting and just simply raising kids in general are not the only ones they face. Navigating school policies may also be complex and some of these policies may feel like a slap in the face to families in which kids have two homes.

Some parents in Florida have come head-to-head with a problem that puts them in a serious bind and that has in fact led them to accusing their local school district of discrimination based on the fact that they are divorced and their child lives in both of their homes. Basically, the school district has refused to accommodate the busing needs of the child which would require her to be dropped off at different locations on different days based upon which parent she was with on which day.

Rigid rules like the one above illustrate how hard life can be for parents who do not fit the continuing stereotyped mold of "normal". People who are divorcing with kids may find it helpful to talk with an attorney for help in navigating various issues relating to their parenting time.

Source: School Transportation News, "Parents: Bus Policy Discriminates Against Divorced Parents," Aug. 22, 2016