A new approach to co-parenting for the new year

As the time for New Year’s resolution arrives, divorced parents in New Jersey may wish to use this opportunity to review some things. Working relationships with former spouses and the changing wishes and needs of kids often warrant these period reflections. Even parents with the best of intentions can sometimes lose sight of things when life gets busy. Following are some ideas to implement this year to help make things better for kids and parents alike.

Parents are commonly advised to be polite to each other when in the presence of their children. However, it is equally important to remain civil and pleasant even when kids are not in the immediate area. If nothing else, children are like radars as they can sense parental tensions. Keeping conversations positive can limit these experiences. When kids are around, seeing their parents act and speak kindly toward each other and even complimentary to each other is beneficial for them.

As kids grow and mature, their needs and thoughts will change. At some point, they may even wish to spend more time with one parent. Listening to the reasons for these requests can help parents to make the right decisions for their children. It can also be a good segue into allowing kids to open up about their feelings regarding the divorce and their two-household life. This is not always easy for kids and knowing they can share their struggles with their parents can help.

Co-parenting can be a struggle but it is possible. When a divorce appears imminent, parents with minor children should work with an experienced lawyer to make sure all issues are properly handled.

Source: Huffington Post, “Top 10 Difficult New Year’s Resolutions for Divorced Parents,” Laurie Hollman, Ph.D., December 30, 2015