Understanding post-divorce modifications

If you have gotten divorced in New Jersey and now need to amend some part of your final settlement, you will want to understand how the state approaches these situations. According to the New Jersey Courts, there are many situations that may warrant such changes. Many of these are financial in nature but some are not.

You can make a petition for a modification for a specific aspect of your settlement, such as child support payments. You can also file a petition to have your entire decree reconsidered. This latter petition must be filed within 20 days of your original settlement and is different than an appeal. Specific requests that may necessitate you to seek a modification include a change in the amount of spousal support or child support either paid or received. You can also request enforcement of an original order and reimbursement for paid medical costs.

A custodial parent can request a modification in order to relocate with the kids or change visitation, parenting time, or custody agreements. If you pay child support, you may request an end to such payments if your child is no longer a full-time student or is older than 18, whichever occurs later.

When you file a motion for a modification, you must let your former spouse know at least 24 days before the date of the hearing. This notification must take place in writing. If you are interested in learning more about how New Jersey handles modifications to a divorce order, you can visit the divorce decree order amendment page on our website.