If I live with a new partner, will I lose my alimony?

Are you a divorced spouse in New Jersey who receives spousal support payments from your ex-husband or ex-wife? If so, you will want to fully understand the ramifications of any future actions you take on your spousal support income. Specifically, if you choose to live with a new partner, you may end up seeing the amount of money you receive in alimony be reduced. It could even be eliminated altogether.

According to the National Law Review, in 2014 New Jersey enacted new laws that reformed how the state approached alimony payments. As you may or may not know, alimony is subject to change if you as the recipient experience a "change in circumstances." Your alimony award is based in part upon your need for the financial support. Therefore, if you are deemed to not be in need of the support, a change may result.

However, simply living with a new partner is not in and of itself enough to be deemed cohabitation that can result in such a change. Other criteria must also be identified. These include recognition among your social circle of you and your partner as a couple almost as though you were married. A demonstrable sharing of both financial and chore-based household reponsibilities must be evidenced. Comingling of money is another item used to determine cohabitation. In addition, the length of time you have been in the new relationship can also be taken into account.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help people in New Jersey understand if living with a new partner after a divorce could change alimony payments.