Can social media hurt my marriage?

If you are like most American adults today, you have at least one active social media account. Checking a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn feed each day has come to be almost as commonplace as having that morning cup of coffee for a lot of people. Why do we do this?

Social media, as the name implies, gives you an easy way to stay connected with others. You don't always have to schedue time to see someone or call and hope you get them on the phone. You can even reconnect with people that you lost touch with over the years. But, some experts warn that these things may be hazardous to your marriage if you are not careful about them. The Huffington Post indicates that when people are online, it is easy to omit some details of who is being communicated with or what is being shared with one's spouse. Even when it starts innocently because there may be no obvious reason to share such information, the wall between partners can build up fast.

In addition to the dangers of a secret online life, time spent online in any form is time not spent in person with a spouse. Marriage requires this time together and without it can be at risk. Also of interest to you should be the fact that what is posted online may be able to be used against you if you end up getting divorced.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but rather to give New Jersey couples important facts about the role that social media may play in a marriage and even a divorce.