Danica Patrick ends 7-year marriage with physical therapist

The end of a marriage is usually emotional for both parties, but sometimes one spouse seems to recover from a divorce more quickly than the other. Although this can sometimes be hurtful to the other spouse, New Jersey attorneys can help to ensure that both the husband and wife reach a settlement that addresses all of their needs.

Divorce is often difficult, even for famous sports figures like Danica Patrick, who recently ended a seven-year marriage. Patrick and her ex-husband, a physical therapist, work in different fields, and that may have contributed to the failure of their relationship. Patrick has begun a romantic relationship with another race car driver, but it is not clear if that relationship began before or after Patrick separated from her ex-husband.

The couple had signed a prenuptial agreement, but it seems that the NASCAR driver has the financial means of supporting herself. She did not seek any alimony in the divorce. Patrick seems to be taking the lead in the divorce process. In January she filed the divorce papers, and she has covered all of the legal costs of the divorce. She may have been under pressure to finalize the divorce so that she could marry her current boyfriend. Patrick’s ex-husband has not commented on the divorce. They have no children together, which may make the divorce negotiations less complicated.

Although ending a marriage is often an emotional process, the majority of divorcing couples want to settle their disputes quickly and without unnecessary conflict. An attorney can help divorcing couples an reach agreement that benefits both parties.

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