Growing number of married couples live separately

Over the course of history, marriage has evolved. For instance, a greater percentage of Americans now support same-sex marriage and other non-traditional relationships. It is important for people in New Jersey and the rest of the country to remember that all relationships are unique, and that unconventional living arrangement may be best for some couples.

Until recently, married couples almost always lived in the same home, but now that might not necessarily be true. Almost 2 million married couples in the United States have opted to live in separate homes. These couples may have decided on this arrangement as a way to avoid the emotional and financial costs of a divorce. On the other hand, the costs of maintaining two separate households may be high. Married couples typically enjoy the financial benefits of consolidating their household expenses.

Some couples report that living separately has made their marriages more satisfying because they’re free from their spouses’ day-to-day annoyances. People who marry later in life may have become so accustomed to living independently that they are unwilling to share a home with their spouse. However, the arrangement may become more complicated if the couple has children. In these cases, the children may feel as if their parents are divorced.

It is unknown whether living separately helps couples to sustain their marriages. Unfortunately, sometimes even couples who live apart may decide to end their marriage. Even if the divorcing couple does not have to divide residential property, they may have other assets to divide. Working with an attorney can be helpful in these circumstances.

Source: CBS Local, “Seen At 11: Married, But Living Apart,” May 7, 2013