Nutley woman files for divorce after husband failed lie detector

There are a number of reasons or factors that may contribute to the end of a marriage. One of the most common causes for divorce is infidelity, or the allegations of infidelity, by one spouse or the other. Often in cases where one or both spouses have been unfaithful, either may decide they want to move on alone or with someone new, or the trust between them may be irrevocably broken, which leads them to file for divorce.

According to reports, a woman in Nutley who is known as the “tanning mom” recently filed for divorce from her husband. It was purported that the split may have been as a result of the man having failed a lie detector test regarding infidelity on a reality TV show called, “The Test”. There were, however, no further details reported regarding the specific questions and results of the test he participated in, or the reasoning listed in the divorce papers.

Just as is the case in many divorce filings, it was reported that the woman has filed a request for child custody of the two young children the couple shares. In addition, she also asked the court to award her $1,000 per month for combined child and spousal support. It was not reported whether or not the woman’s previous legal issues, including the child endangerment charges that earned her the nickname, or a recent stint in rehabilitation facility may affect her request for custody of the children.

Anyone who is considering getting divorced, or whose spouse has already filed, may find it of benefit to speak with a lawyer. An attorney can answer any questions you may have, as well as ensure you fully understand all of your options.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Report: Tanning mom Patricia Krentcil seeks divorce,” Nov. 2, 2013