Judge denies aunt's custody request to take niece from father

Readers in Florham Park and elsewhere may recall recently, when a woman attempted to drive her car through a set of barriers outside of the White House before being shot and killed by police. All of this, with her 14-month-old daughter in the car’s back seat. Now, there is a child custody dispute brewing between the mother’s family and the child’s father.

According to reports, the sister of the child’s mother recently filed an emergency child custody request in an attempt to have custody of the young girl transferred to her from the child’s father. The specific reason for her request was not reported. According to her attorney, however, the father has been unwilling to work with his late wife’s family. They have reportedly only been allowed to visit with the young girl on one occasion since the incident occurred. According to reports, that visit was under the supervision of a child welfare worker from the state, but it was not detailed why the worker was present for the visit.

A judge reportedly denied the woman’s initial request for custody of her niece. The attorney representing her has indicated that the ruling will not deter the maternal family’s efforts to gain access to the girl. The girl’s aunt reportedly plans to continue to pursue obtaining custody.

Child custody disputes can be difficult because, like in this case, those seeking custody believe they have the best interests of the child at heart. It may be of benefit for anyone who is involved in a child custody dispute to consult with an experienced attorney to discuss his or her case. A lawyer can explain their options, as well as answer any questions they may have.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Sister of Conn. woman in car chase denied custody”, Oct. 11, 2013