Bode Miller former girlfriend still battling over custody of son

When a couple with children in Morris County splits up, it’s almost inevitable that a battle over child custody will ensue. Hopefully the best interest of the children will come first, but many times it takes a judge to mediate and help resolve the issues.

According to the attorney for Sara McKenna, who is the former girlfriend of Bode Miller, the Olympic skier has yet to pay a single dime of child support for the former couple’s 13-month-old son. However, according to Mr. Miller’s attorney, that is not the complete story, as he claims that a separate child support agreement is still being worked on in California. According to his lawyer, Ms. McKenna started new child support hearings after the original one had already begun.

Meantime, the former couple is due back in court later this month in order to try to come up with a temporary custody agreement regarding their son. According to reports, the couple continues to battle over whom the boy will live with, as well as his name. His mother calls him by his legal name, Samuel, while Mr. Miller refers to him as Nathaniel. The former couple only dated a few months and by the time their son was born, Mr. Miller had already married another woman.

This case, obviously involves several different aspects and it may take more intervention from the courts to resolve the former couple’s differences. If you are dealing with a difficult child custody or child support issue, then you too might want to speak with an experienced child custody and support lawyer.

Source: New York Daily News, “Bode Miller's custody battle with Sara McKenna over baby son still on as former couple can't reach agreement,” Nathaniel Vinton, Mar. 31, 2014