How to make a business partnership work after divorce

No matter the situation, divorce will almost always create difficult circumstances for both parties involved. If children are present, then that will be a whole other situation that has to be dealt with, as well. Likewise, if a couple in the Morris County area owns a business together and decides to get a divorce, then there is a good chance complications could arise in the settlement. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Although in most cases, when a couple with a shared business decides to split up, the business usually ends up suffering, that is not always the case. For example, one couple that divorced has found success together on a business level. After going through a contentious divorce, the couple was able to put aside the past and work together to make their public relations business a success. In fact, they report that their relationship is better now than it ever has been.

According to one researcher who has studied couples who stay in business after divorce, the common theme amongst those who have success is that they are able to make a distinction between their professional life and their personal life. According to this researcher, these couples are able to overcome the broken trust in their personal lives, while still being able to trust the business side of their relationship

As this research shows, all hope for a shared small business is not lost in divorce. If a couple can put their personal differences aside, they can still run a successful business even if their marriage failed. Every divorce is different, which is why seeking the help of an experienced divorce attorney is always a good idea for anyone who has decided to end his or her marriage.

Source: NPR, “When divorce leads to a happily ever after for a small business,” Yuki Noguchi, April 17, 2014.