Important things to consider if changing your name after divorce

There are many things that both men and women may have to consider when they go through a divorce, including property distribution, spousal support and child custody. However, there are some other important decisions that people will have to make after their divorce is finalized. In particular, many women in the Morris County area, and elsewhere, decide that they no longer want to carry their ex-husband’s last name.

Because divorce is typically an unpleasant situation and many couples split-up with negative feelings, it may seem like a no-brainer for women to change their last name after their divorce is final. However, there are some things for people to consider when changing their name, which include:

  • Will they go back to their maiden name?
  • Should they choose a completely different last name?
  • Should they change their kids’ last name as well?

According to, the process to change one’s name after divorce is typically fairly simple. However, there can be several aspects of people’s lives that can be affected when they change their name. They will have to inform everyone of the change, including family members and friends, schools, doctors, banks, the post office, and insurance companies.

Having a different last name from the child’s could also cause problems for parents trying to make medical or educational decisions, according to an article in the Huffington Post. In some cases, people may have to change their name on college diplomas, which usually can be accomplished with a fee. It also may take some time for others to get used to the change, so people should be prepared to remind and/or correct people.

The bottom line when it comes to changing a person’s name after divorce is that the choice is up to that person. Although it might be difficult for others to adjust to or accept the change, it is that person’s name and it’s up to that person how he or she wants to be identified.