Does using Facebook increase chances of divorce?

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are a common part of society. Millions of people have these kinds of accounts and use them for thousands of different things, including many in the Morris County area. Many different kinds of studies have been done to determine the effects of using Facebook and other social media sites, with many different findings being reported. So what about divorce? Does Facebook have any kind of relationship with divorce?

According to a new study, indeed social media sites, especially Facebook, do have a link to divorce. Researchers from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile's School of Communications and Boston University's College of Communication recently released the results of their study, which they say indicate a measurable link between Facebook use and divorce.

In fact, according to the study, as the percentage of a given population with a Facebook account grows in a given state, so does the divorce rate, by 2.18 percent. According to reports, this is not the first study to determine that social media use does correlate with increased divorce rates. Another study in 2011 showed that 32 percent of those who considered themselves to be heavy social media users seriously considered divorce. That compares to just 16 percent of people who don’t use social media.

There are obviously many different factors that can lead to a couple deciding to divorce and social media use is only one of them. Regardless of the reasons behind it, divorce can be a very difficult process to go through. Therefore, having the help of an experienced divorce attorney is usually a good idea.

Source: The Christian Post, “Facebook users are more likely to divorce, study finds,” Michael Gryboski, July 18, 2014.