NJ couples waiting for divorce rulings could be waiting a while

Couples who divorce in Morris County can face a lot of difficult decisions and hardships throughout the divorce process. Divorce is almost always a hard thing to go through, but sometimes it’s the best choice couples have. There are all kinds of different issues to deal with during a divorce settlement and sometimes divorces involving certain issues can take much longer than less complex divorce cases.

For many people in New Jersey who are ready to end their marriages, divorce will have to wait. That’s because Bergen County assignment judge, Peter E. Doyne, recently announced that no civil trial could take more than two weeks. He will also most likely be moving some judges to the criminal division, which means there will be fewer judges available to work on civic cases. According to reports, there are 121 divorce cases that are waiting to be resolved in Bergen County already.

The judge’s decision has also caused many to believe that there will be other difficult consequences for those waiting to get a divorce. Some suggest that all complex divorce cases involving wealthy couples could be put on hold indefinitely. All custody battles that involve detailed testimony from psychological experts could also be delayed for long periods. Of course, one of the most obvious concerns is that the backlog of already pending cases will just continue to get larger.

Going through a divorce is never easy and this situation could make things even more difficult for those who are ending their marriage. Hopefully, lawmakers and judges will be able to rectify this situation sooner rather than later. However, if you are considering divorce, this kind of situation shouldn’t stop you from considering seeking the help of a divorce attorney.

Source: The Record, “Delays loom for Bergen County divorce cases amid judicial staffing crisis,” Michael Phillis and Peter J. Sampson, August 10, 2014.