Cannon, Carey reportedly headed for divorce

It seems like every day there are new reports of celebrity couples that are either going through a divorce or about to file for divorce. Add to that the constant rumors of other famous couples whose relationships are on the rocks, and the news stories never end about celebrity divorce. However, no matter whether you’re a celebrity or not, if you are considering divorce in the Morris County area, then you probably have a lot on your mind and a lot to figure out.

According to reports, singer Mariah Carey and her husband, actor and TV host, Nick Cannon are apparently ready to call it quits. Reportedly, the couple has already separated and they having been living apart for several months. Neither party has acknowledged that a divorce is forthcoming, however according to reports, both parties are focusing on their two children. The couple has 3-year-old twins.

There have already been several reports of all kinds of behavior and different accusations; however so far, there have been no reports as to whether or not the couple has officially filed for divorce. If indeed the couple does split up for good, they will have a lot of things to work through, including property division, spousal support and child custody and support.

Like any celebrity marriage this situation will obviously get a lot of attention from the media and only time will tell how things turn out. Regardless of how this situation turns out, if you are considering a divorce, then you might want to seek the help of an experienced divorce lawyer before you make any important decisions.

Source: Newsday “Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon near divorce, separated months ago,” Frank Lovece, August 21, 2014.