New state alimony bill headed to governor's office for approval

There are usually many issues to resolve when a couple in the Morris County area decides to end their marriage. No two marriages are alike and neither are divorces. On of the biggest issues estranged couples have when they decide to end their marriages is determining alimony. Alimony is often a great source of contention between divorcing couples and many are unhappy with current alimony laws.

However they may soon be some good news for those who go through divorce. A new bill in New Jersey to change alimony laws is headed to the governor's office after it recently passed the full state Senate. The bill overwhelmingly passed by a 32-2 vote, after previously getting through the Assembly and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill, if it becomes law, would only apply to future divorces, however.

There are several changes, including the length of alimony payments. If the bill becomes law, then payments could not last longer than the marriage if the marriage lasted less than 20 years. Judges could also decide to stop payments if the person begins living with another partner even if they don't get married. Another change would allow a judge to reduce the payment amount if the payer has been jobless for three months.

If this bill passes then it could obviously have a big impact on alimony in the future in the state of New Jersey. Either way, if you are going through a divorce, or you have issues with your alimony payment, then you probably could use the help of an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Bill to change NJ's alimony law heads to Christie," Matt Friedman, June 30, 2014.