Co-host from the View reportedly files for divorce

It seems that every time you see the front of an entertainment-related magazine, or watch a nightly entertainment TV news program, some celebrity couple is getting a divorce. Divorce seems to happen among celebrities quite often, but it’s also just as common with those not in the entertainment business. Regardless of his or her situation, anyone in the Morris County area who is going through divorce will undoubtedly face some obstacles.

According to several reports, Sherri Shepherd, one of the co-hosts of “The View” has filed for divorce from her husband, in the state of New Jersey. Meantime, her husband, Lamar Sally, has also apparently filed similar papers in California. The couple is expecting a child together, which they are having through a surrogate mother. According to reports, Mr. Sally has asked for full custody of the child and has asked that his estranged wife only be given visitation rights.

Meantime, Ms. Shepherd has asked that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be implemented. However, Mr. Sally wants that agreement thrown out because of “fraud.” According to reports, Mr. Sally only stands to receive $60,000 if the couple’s marriage doesn’t reach five years. They have been married for only three.

This divorce has evidently already turned combative as the couple appears ready to battle over several different aspects of their settlement. No doubt this case will continue to be followed by the media as it plays out. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or not, if you are going through a divorce the road can be difficult. Therefore, seeking the help of a divorce attorney is usually a good idea.

Source: New York Daily News, “Sherri Shepherd files for divorce as estranged husband Lamar Sally speaks out on split,” Kirthana Ramisetti, May 13, 2014.