Ten months after wedding wife of Avengers star asks for divorce

Although everyone intends for their marriage to last forever, not all couples in the Morris County area stand up to the tests of time. Unfortunately, some couples just can’t work things out, despite their best efforts. While some couples are able to split up amicably, others have a much more difficult time cutting ties and coming to an agreeable settlement.

Jeremy Renner and his wife of 10 months, Sonni Pecheco, are the latest celebrity couple to make the tabloids for a failing marriage. According to reports, Ms. Pacheco, a Canadian model, has filed for divorce from her actor husband, who is best known for his role in the Avengers. Ms. Pacheco has also asked for joint legal custody of their 2-year-old daughter, but has also requested that she maintain physical custody of the girl.

Meantime, Ms. Pacheco claims that the couple’s prenuptial agreement should be thrown out because it is based on fraud. She has asked for spousal support and money to pay her moving and rent expenses. While Mr. Renner has reportedly not yet responded to the divorce petition, according to sources he is reportedly focused on his daughter and he plans to fight for custody.

Just as with most marriages that end, this situation appears to be full of possible disagreements. While reaching a divorce settlement can be hard, it doesn't have to be impossible. Having the help of an experienced divorce attorney in this kind of situation can be helpful. Therefore if you are considering divorce you might want to speak with an attorney before you move forward.

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